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reblog this if your blog isa janoskian blog lets follow each other ok lets have a janoskianator follow spree idek lets just follow each other and help each other out to reach our goals and make friends and yay happy happy

(you don’t have to have janoskians blog but i will follow those janoskians blogs that i think is good bc my dash is dead)

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this made me happy in so many levels

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"doesn't Jai brooks have a beautiful voice?!"

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Hey all, so it’s been 2 years since I first created my blog and I have also reached my 9k goal, wooo! so to celebrate I am making my first follow forever! thankyou all and everyone for following me and putting up with me xxxx. my faves are bolded. There aren’t that many on my follow forever due to people being unactive and going multi and yeah. i love you all 

thankyou once again, sorry if I forgot anyone! stay fab. also I can’t edit for shit as you can tell : )

i love u so much thank u

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I cannot.

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When I’m At A Party…

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stealing your girl like

damn that was smooth

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I fall for your smile every single time

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Dirty Pigs
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